Plastic Injection Mold - Value

Exceptional Value

There are several factors to consider when investing in a plastic injection mold, but most important, do not be fooled by a cheaper sticker price. Here are some examples of why plastic injection mold makers from overseas can turn out to be a costly supplier:

Cycle times and profit margins- the faster parts are produced, the more money a molder makes. In addition, if cycle times are faster this opens up more production room for other jobs, again increasing profit.

Reliability- if you choose to purchase a cheaper plastic injection mold from overseas, it is just a matter of time till it shows its true colors, and these costs :

  1. Missed or late deliveries
  2. Press downtime
  3. Employee downtime
  4. Repair costs
Number of Cavities - the more cavities a mold has, the cheaper the cost is to produce each part. However, for low quantities of production, it can be difficult to justify the additional cost of a higher cavity count. Knowing the part cost, we can work with you to determine the best cavity count and determine the greatest ROI.

Size of Press Required – More cavities = larger mold = larger press size. The bigger the press, the higher the operating costs, which have an impact on profit margin.

Warranty - what happens when a new mold from overseas arrives and does not perform according to requirements? Again, missed deliveries, press and employee downtime = lost revenue and more headaches.

Repair time - If you have a repair issue, chances are it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Who will prioritize your job to the front of the line?

Faster Cooling – Cooling is a critical design process. Cooling an injected part faster will result in a faster cycle time. Die-Mold Tool Ltd. has numerous proprietary cooling designs, which make a significant impact on reliable, faster cycle time. Our plastic injection molds have historically outperformed other molds due to superior design from years of development as well as “high performance” cooling designs.

Quality of Components - Less expensive, low quality material from overseas will result in costly repairs and downtime. At Die-Mold Tool Ltd. we only produce the highest quality of engineered molds. Our plastic injection molds are designed to be durable and last longer than the competition.

Delivery – Deciding to invest in a plastic injection mold maker such as ourselves, you need to know that your dollars are guaranteeing that your mold is manufactured quickly. The sooner you manufacture parts, the sooner you will see a return on your investment. We pride ourselves on extremely quick turnaround time and we possess the ability to “fast track” your order if required.

Conclusion – Though a cheaper sticker price may entice you to purchase, we hope that you look the other way, and the other way being buying a high quality, precise plastic injection mold from Die-Mold Tool Ltd. Operating as plastic injection mold makers for over 50 years, we strive to “MAKE” your mold, not push it out the door, and across the world at a cheaper price.