Quality Manufacturing Processes

A quality, professionally designed and built tool by Die-Mold may not be the least expensive quote you receive, but our customers will all agree our molds are built to last. Die-Mold Tool Ltd. has ISO style operating procedures, quality manufacturing processes and solid design. Die-Mold has been in the plastic injection mold making business for almost 50 years, and will always be available to support our customers, long after the mold has been delivered and in production.

Many of our customers have needed Die-Mold Tool Ltd. to ensure part compliance with NSF, CSA, UL, ASTM, etc. and we are very experienced and willing to either assist or take over management of the appropriate standards body.

We have an experienced quality control person on staff at all times, who will manage part tolerances to whatever specification is dictated.

Finally, as a company we hope to be your one stop shop for quality plastic injection molds, repairs, testing or any assistance you may require in our field. We treat our customers with the utmost respect and are dedicated to maintaining company relationships even after your mold has been shipped.