Plastic Injection Mold - Case Study

Case Study

Here is an example of a true case study we encountered:

Objective- quote on a reasonably technically challenging plastic injection mold build

Result- did not receive the order because a Chinese company offered to complete the job for 50% less than what we had quoted

Summary- Our (now) customer did not communicate the disaster that unfolded until a year later
  1. The plastic injection mold built, took 3 months longer than promised
  2. When the mold arrived, it did not work
  3. After weeks of failed attempts the customer went to a local plastic injection mold maker in his area
  4. More money and time was spent during this process
  5. When the mold was returned to the customer (4 weeks later) and paid for, it still did not perform to the customer's requirements
  6. After more failed attempts, they contacted Die-Mold Tool Ltd.
  7. We were the third plastic injection mold making stop on their journey, and fixed their problem within 2 weeks
  8. The customer finally began the correct manufacturing process 15 months later!
  9. Buy your plastic injection molds from us, and you can avoid a potential catastrophe